Our Services


  • Residential Painting
  • Custom Residential Painting
  • HOA Painting
  • Commercial Painting

Construction Services

  • Waterproofing:
    Decks, Planters, Common Area Walkways
  • Complete Exterior Carpentry Services
  • Façade Remodeling
  • Tenant Improvement

Trifecta Painting & Construction is a licensed B general contractor and C-33 painting contractor. We specialize in painting, and are proficient in the reconstruction needs of Homeowners Associations and other commercial properties. We are here to partner with you on your project and the variety of trades your property may require.


Trifecta Painting & Construction, established 2006, is a full service painting and reconstruction firm specializing in residential, multi-family, and commercial property capital improvement projects.

With years of proven industry success, Trifecta has the experience and understanding to provide a comprehensive solution for your property’s painting and construction needs. Aware of the entire job lifecycle, from initial meetings, specification writing, proposal submittal and presentation, pre-job start, project execution and communication, to project final completion, Trifecta is the company to bring your project to life!

Construction related services can be an invasive process, and projects such as these can last extended periods of time. This requires proper and thorough communication, one of the hallmarks of our organization.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you. Come talk with us!


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